Questions for Passengers

Transfers from and to the airport

How do I find the driver at the airport?

If you reserved a mobile unit to pick you up from the airport, the driver must be waiting with a sign with your name on the passenger exit.

How can I communicate with you?

If you can't find the reserved driver, you can call WhatsApp +51958200900 or you can call the same number from a public phone in case you don't have coverage.

How far in advance should I book?

To transfer to the airport, if it is in a sedan car you can book from 30 minutes to more and if in a large mobile unit with 24 hours or more subject to availability (we accept reservations up to one year in advance).

To pick up from the airport you can book up to an hour and a half in advance, that is, before the flight takes off from the place of departure (we accept reservations up to one year in advance).

Do you monitor my flight?

Yes, we monitor whether the flight is delayed or advanced (always as to whether it is a commercial flight), if in case you are traveling on a private flight you must notify us of the time that will arrive and we will be waiting for you on time at the departure of passengers or the VIP gate.

Questions for companies & corporations

Can I request a trip or book for someone else?

In Taxi Mundo, if you can book for yourself, for another user of the corporate account or for a client or guest. If the trip is for a guest, you can indicate the passenger information so that you have a better experience.

How is the price of a trip calculated?

Before requesting a trip we send you the estimated price of your trip. The value is calculated taking into account: The price per kilometer (we calculate the fastest route), the price per minute (we calculate the total duration of the trip), the service fee and additional fees (such as high demand, tolls and intermediate stops).

How do I pay for my company's trips?

When you create a corporate account, you need to indicate a payment method, in which the trips made by your team will be charged. You can pay after each trip or at the end of the month, in addition to sharing the payment method with other users so that they can travel paying with it.

How do I receive invoices for my company's trips?

With Taxi Mundo Empresas you will forget physical invoices (paper) We gather all the details and invoices in one place, 100% online. You can check the receipts for each trip and filter them by date, as well as review and download the detailed invoices in different formats or send them by email.

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