Privacy policies


The Company will have the right to use the information provided by the Users to communicate with them, in order to verify the data stored in the personal Account, ensure the completion and payment of the Transfers, and to send marketing information and messages.

The User can refuse to receive such messages at any time by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link located at the bottom of each marketing message sent by the Company.

The Company shall have the right to transfer information about Users to its suppliers, consultants, marketing partners, research entities and any other service provider or business partner. During the transfer of information in accordance with this paragraph, the Company will take steps to process the information in accordance with the guidelines and the Company's Privacy Policy, as well as any other applicable regulations on confidentiality and security. In particular, they cover the following:

Carriers (only with respect to passenger data for the purpose of completing Transfers); Passengers or persons requesting transfers through the Service (with respect to the data of the Carriers, who place their orders, including for the purpose of resolving conflict situations); Receipt operators and payment processing; Entities that carry out the verification of documents (only with respect to the data provided by the Carriers); Cloud storage providers; Marketing partners and marketing platform providers; Providers of data analysis systems;

Research entities, including companies that conduct surveys or do research together with or on behalf of the Company; Suppliers that help the Company to increase the security and improve the protection of its applications; Company affiliates, including subsidiaries and dependent companies; Consultants, attorneys, accountants, auditors and any other professional consulting service provider; Partners in the field of insurance and financial services; Airports, airlines, partners for ticketing.

The Company may transfer data about the Users, if it believes that it is required by law, regulation, valid contract, judicial procedures or request issued by a public authority, or if said information needs to be disclosed for the solution of conflict situations (in particular , regarding the termination and / or payment of Transfers), guaranteeing the security of the Users or the Service, in the event of any claim and dispute, related to obtaining services under the Service and others by the Users.

The Company may provide information about Users to third parties in connection with events such as merger or sale of Company assets, merger and restructuring, financing and acquisition of a business in whole or in part, or during the negotiations of such affairs.

The Company may disclose information to third parties in situations that are not expressly established in this document, subject to obtaining the consent of the User for the disclosure of information related to him / her.

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