Terms and Conditions


1. Payment methods for transfers:

1.1 By using a credit and / or debit card. The price of the rates is shown in soles before requesting the service, as long as the User indicates the destination. The users accept that there may be circumstances beyond the control of Taxi Mundo that could cause a credit card and / or other used medium to be rejected. The rates applicable to the Service will be automatically charged in addition to the agreed service, once the transfer is completed, through the credit card data provided by the User on the web. When a user provides a new credit or debit card, a validation of said payment instrument may be carried out by collecting and withdrawing it. If for some reason the payment instrument that you have designated does not have sufficient funds, has expired, is invalid or is otherwise useless to charge you, you agree that Taxi Mundo may use or contact you to provide a payment method. alternate, which you would have provided, if possible. World Taxi may suspend partially or permanently for non-payment or when fraudulent operations are carried out.

The fees charged will not be refundable.

1.2 Likewise, the User must take into account the following concepts:

A: Waiting time, courtesy is ten minutes per waiting time; After the aforementioned time, an additional charge of S /. 0.70 (seventy cents of Soles) for each minute of additional waiting time.

B: Tolls and parking: Not included in the rate. If the user chooses the use of a credit or debit card as a means of payment, this amount can be recharged at his request.

C: Card payments: Some banks may charge in foreign currency on your account statement.

D: Rates will be recharged on Mother's Day, Easter, National Holidays, Christmas and New Years will be 20% additional to the rate.

E: The debit / credit card used by the user as a payment method must be Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club issued by any bank in the world.

2. Other payment methods

2.1 Bank and interbank transfers directly to the current account that is in your name as a legal person, in case the payment is made in other cities that are not Arequipa you must make a deposit of seven soles with fifty additional cents as this payment is made directly the bank.

2.2 You can also pay with PayPal, electronic wallets or you can simply scan our QR code.

3. For companies and businesses

3.1 If you have collaborators or clients who are going to travel and need transfer services. Payment must be made in advance if you do not have a line of credit in the name of your company (as long as the service is paid by you otherwise you can pay in cash directly to the driver after the end of the service.

4. Liability for loss of objects

4.1 Throughout this contract, Taxi Mundo informs Passenger Users of the responsibilities assumed as a company dedicated to the field of transport. In this sense, we are committed to collaborate in providing the information that is available to us regarding Driver Users about possible lost objects during the transfer services. We remind you that according to the provisions of this contract, Taxi Mundo is exempt from any civil, criminal or administrative liability for the loss of any lost object belonging to the User.

4.2 In the event that we have in custody any object and / or item delivered or reported in our offices by Driver Users, these will be available to their owners for a period of 60 calendar days.

5. Processing of Personal Data

5.1 In Taxi Mundo your personal data is secured under seven keys (they will not be disclosed without your authorization).

6. Social Networks

Social Networks will serve solely and exclusively as an immediate communication channel with the company's followers, as well as an electronic means of information and marketing of new offers and promotions that are made by the company and in no case will extract the personal data that You can meet your followers without their prior consent.

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